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Advanced Laser Dental Treatment at AO Dentistry

Laser dentistry is quicker, safer, comfortable, and highly effective. Advanced technology and dental treatment go hand in hand at AO Dentistry. We strongly believe that the right technology combined with professional expertise will deliver the best results. Our Dental Laser Treatment in Pune is a prime example of this.  

At AO Dentistry, you are guaranteed to find the finest laser equipment to treat various dental conditions. Be it our OPG machines, high-end Labomed microscope, or CAD CAMs, we use only the best equipment to ensure the best dental treatment. 


Role of Laser in Dental Treatment

Dental treatments don’t have to be painful or annoying. Laser technology minimizes pain by targeting the exact area in your mouth. The laser beam will directly act on the affected area without causing damage to other teeth, tissues, or gums. 

Dental Laser Treatment in Pune deals with two types of lasers- soft tissue lasers and hard tissue lasers. Apart from this, we use laser treatment for the following: 

  1. Teeth whitening (low-intensity lasers are used to speed up the bleaching process)

  2. Examining gum and tooth issues (Optical Coherence Tomography gives accurate results) 

  3. Reducing pain in the temporomandibular jaw joint (muscle spasms)

  4. Relieve pain from mouth ulcers and cold sores (low-intensity lasers are used in this procedure)

  5. Expose implants during surgery to replace caps (reduces pain and heals faster) 

  6. Regenerate damaged nerves and blood vessels in the mouth and throat 

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Soft Tissue Laser Treatments

Dental procedures for gum-related troubles come under this category. Our services cinlcude:

  1. Gummy smile treatment (reshaping the gums to expose the healthy portion and enhance your smile)

  2. Remove soft tissue folds to make dentures fit seamlessly and cause zero pain (suture-free procedure)

  3. Lengthening the crown and reshaping the gum tissue and bone (this strengthens the affected area to easily accept restorations)

  4. Gingivectomy (reshaping/ removing the gum tissue around the wisdom tooth to relieve pain and infection) 

  5. Frenectomy to improve tongue movement and eliminate speech impairment in children 

Hard Tissue Laser Treatments

Dental procedures that deal with teeth come under this category. Our treatments include:

  1. Seal tubules to minimize dental sensitivity 

  2. Dental filling (there’s no need for anesthesia or drills with laser technology)

  3. Detect signs of a cavity in early stages (low-intensity lasers are used) 

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Why Choose AO Dentistry

AO Dentistry is a one-stop destination for all your dental needs. We are professional, experienced, friendly, and supportive. Our patients belong to all age groups. 

  • Dental Laser Treatment in Pune 

  • Years of experience 

  • State-of-the-art equipment 

  • Personalized treatment 

  • Higher success rate 

  • Hygienic and stress-free environment 

  • Dental tourism packages 

  • Personal care from trained and certified staff 

Benefits of Our Dental Laser Treatment in Pune

➢     Relatively painless 

➢     Faster procedure 

➢     Faster healing 

➢     No need for anesthesia or sutures 

➢     Minimal bleeding 

➢     Fewer chances of bacterial infections

➢     Minimum or no damage to surrounding tissues 

➢     No side (major) effects

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