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Best Root Canal Treatment in Pune

Root canal treatment is always associated with pain. After all, the treatment removes the decay caused by bacteria deep within the teeth and gums. However, at AO Dentistry, we perform painless root canal treatment in Pune. Yes! You read it right. RCT doesn’t have to be painful. With the latest equipment, technology, and professional expertise, we make your dental treatment painless and effective. 

Root canal treatment involves removing bacteria that infect the root pulp. Getting RCT done in the early stages will prevent the infection from spreading further and damaging your tooth. Waiting longer could lead to more teeth and gums also being infected. 


Symptoms Indicating the Need for Root Canal Treatment

  • Gum inflammation 

  • Toothache

  • Pain when chewing or eating 

  • Teeth sensitivity 

  • Teeth and gums discoloration 

  • Cracked tooth

  • Ulcers and pimples on gums

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Painless Root Canal Treatment in Pune at AO Dentistry

Root canal treatments are no longer lengthy procedures. We use advance technologies so as to complete root canals in a single sitting. Our experienced dental surgeons will guide you correctly for post root canal care. 

AO Dentistry offers microscope root canal treatment to ensure the best results. This allows our surgeons to see even the minutest detail and infection in the root pulp. It increases the accuracy rate for diagnosing and treating root canal infections. 


Dr. Onkar and Dr. Aneesha are experts in micro dentistry implants, laser, and cosmetic dental surgeries. They have performed countless root canal treatments using advanced microscopic equipment. Their expertise and calm confidence make patients feel assured of their abilities. 

Our patients love the serene atmosphere in our clinic and find it easy to relax in the dental chair. We make even complex dental treatments look effortless. 

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