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Best Pediatric Dentistry in Pune

Contrary to popular belief, kids with milk teeth also need dental care to have healthy and strong permanent teeth as they grow older. 


Pediatric dentistry deals with oral care and dental hygiene in children. At AO Dentistry, we provide personalized dental treatment to kids, pre-teens, and teens based on their oral health. Our services are carefully customized to make kids feel comfortable with us. 


Reasons to Choose the Best Pediatric Dentist in Pune

Oral infections start at an early age and spread over the years. Early detection makes it easy to get rid of dental issues without much pain or discomfort. Dental caries continues to be the most infectious disease in children. This can be prevented by bringing your child to a specialized clinic like AO Dentistry. 

  • We are a team of friendly and experienced dentists with a specialization in laser, micro, and cosmetic dentistry. 

  • Our team is used to working with kids and knows how to make little ones feel at home before we start the examination and treatment. 

  • We have the latest equipment and laser technology to minimize pain and speed up the treatment. The recovery and success rates are also high. 

  • Our exclusive kid-friendly treatment rooms are soothing and ease the little minds. 

  • We educate our young patients to follow proper oral hygiene and make the process fun. 

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Some Pediatric Dental Treatments at AO Dentistry

AO Dentistry offers end-to-end services for all dental problems. Some of our services for kids include: 

  • Dental fillings

  • Root canal treatments 

  • Pediatric strips and dental crowns

  • Tooth extraction 

  • Tooth space maintainer

  • Habit-breaking treatments (thumb sucking, snoring, sleeping with mouth open, tongue sticking out, etc.) 

  • Clean-ups and disinfection treatments 

  • Dental implants and more 

Preventive Treatments at AO Dentistry

  1. Pit and Fissure Sealants

  2. Fluoride Gel application

Talk to us to book an appointment for pediatric dental care at AO Dentistry. 

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