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Best Invisalign Dental Braces in Pune

Dental braces are commonly used to align crooked teeth and give them a neat structure. Though traditionally braces were made of metal, you can now choose between different types of dental braces. 

At AO Dentistry, we will examine your teeth and recommend the best braces depending on your age and overall health condition. 

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Metal Braces

These are made of high-grade stainless steel and are attached to each tooth using special type of cement. The brackets are connected with a wire that holds the teeth in the arched position and straightens them gradually. The wires are connected to O-rings, which our dentists will adjust based on the progress. Metal braces with brackets that don’t have the O-rings are called self-litigating braces. 

Types of Braces for Perfectly Aligned Teeth

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Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are for people who don’t want metal braces. These are translucent and less visible and come in different sizes/ shapes. Adults choose ceramic braces as these are not immediately visible. 

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Invisalign (Invisible Aligner)

Invisalign is a wonderful alternative solution to align teeth without using metal braces. The braces are invisible and can be worn by a person of various age groups. Invisalign is a removable plastic component with limited elasticity. The braces slowly move and align your teeth in the right order. You can remove the braces anytime you want and put them back again. There’s no need to visit the clinic for this. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it ?

We have an in-house Invisalign 3D scanner making it convenient for our patients.

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Best Dental Braces Treatment in Pune

AO Dentistry offers the best braces for kids, pre-teens, teens, and adults. We have years of experience working with advanced dental procedures. Getting dental braces doesn’t have to be painful or uncomfortable. 

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Why Choose AO Dentistry?

  • Experienced dental surgeons 

  • Personalised treatment 

  • Hygienic and patient-friendly clinic

  • Efficient and polite staff 

  • Laser technology 

  • Advanced equipment 

  • Dental tourism packages 

Our best Invisalign braces dentist in Pune knows the best for your teeth. Call us today! 

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