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Get the Best Teeth Bleaching Service in Pune Only at AO Dentistry

Want to brighten your teeth and make them appear aesthetically appealing? With new advancements in dental procedures, AO Dentistry now offers best teeth bleaching service in Pune within affordable range.

Our teeth whitening services become necessary when you have stains on your teeth due to tartar and plaque buildup. Professional teeth cleaning and polishing by our expert dentists involves making the tartar loose and detaching them from tooth surface in a comfortable procedure. After cleaning, teeth polishing is done using special fluoridated paste and brush to make the teeth smooth & shiny.

With us, you need not worry about the cost of teeth cleaning and teeth polishing in Pune as it will depend on the type of treatment you choose and the extent of discolouration.

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments at AO Dentistry

We offer both in-clinic and at-home teeth whitening and bleaching services for patients with teeth sensitivity. While our in-clinic teeth whitening is recommended for patients with moderate to heavy teeth discolouration, at-home procedures are best suited for people with mild discolouration or extra sensitive teeth.

In-clinic teeth polishing at AO Dentistry is a safe procedure wherein our dentist applies a whitening paste on your teeth and uses laser technology to remove discolouration evenly. It delivers long-lasting and better results than other procedures.

For at-home teeth whitening, our experienced dentists prepare a special whitening solution and offer dental trays customised for your teeth. Go for this painless teeth whitening procedure to get effective results but remember it may be a little time-consuming.

Experience Cost-Effective Teeth Whitening Services in Pune

Remember, we use only superior quality materials for teeth whitening, thus preventing weakening or other damage to your teeth due to repeated whitening. This may increase teeth whitening cost in Pune but expect the process to be safe and effective. And with proper maintenance and care, you can even enjoy your radiant smile for years. But keep in mind that the procedure is not permanent and needs to be performed periodically, though the time required to achieve desired results keeps improving. 

Cost of teeth whitening at our clinic may include expenses on whitening trays, whitening gel and mold. Moreover, several factors, like the condition of your teeth, method and type of product used for the process and after care services may also determine the total cost of teeth whitening in Pune.

Reap Exemplary Benefits of Our Teeth Whitening Services in Pune

Benefits of our teeth whitening services include:

  • Easy plaque removal

  • Reduced tooth loss

  • Brighter teeth

  • Reduced overall health and oral diseases.

  • Early detection of dangerous oral conditions.

  • Odor-free and healthy teeth.

  • Early detection of signs of fracture and broken fillings can save your tooth and money as well.

  • Sparkling smile

Embracing latest innovation and technology, AO Dentistry, led by Dr. Onkar and Dr. Aneesha, has redefined dental treatment in Pune. Completely committed to patient comfort and exceptional results, we use a compassionate approach when dealing with patients, bringing them confident and healthy smiles without charging exorbitantly. Contact us now for reliable dental treatments.

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