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Transform Your Smile with Our Digital Smile Designing

A nice smile can brighten your day. Thus, AO Dentistry uses modern digital technology for digital smile designing in India. This lets us make your ideal smile by mixing creativity with scientific methods to get amazing outcomes.

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What Is Digital Smile?

Digital Smile Design, or DSD, is a new method that mixes high-tech dental tools with creative insight. Our dentists, Dr. Onkar and Dr. Aneesha, use accurate digital pictures and models to design and see your future smile before starting any procedures. This advanced technique guarantees predictable results that endure a long time and look natural, all customised to the specific characteristics of your face and what you want.

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Benefits of Digital Smile Designing At AO Dentistry

  • Precise planning

DSD lets us carefully plan every detail of your smile transformation, including the placement of teeth, their shape, and colour.

  • Natural results

With the help of digital pictures, we create a smile to complement your facial features and look natural.

  • Improved communication

Visual simulations assist in comprehending the changes and deciding knowledgeably about your updated smile.

  • Reduced treatment time

Careful planning minimises the need for multiple visits or revisions, streamlining your treatment process.

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Our Comprehensive Digital Smile Design Process

Our digital smile designing in India encompasses the following steps.

  • Smile Analysis 

In your first meeting, our dentists will fully assess your face shape, current smile and what you want to achieve. This review is important for creating a treatment plan just for you.

  • Digital imaging 

With advanced picture-taking methods, we create very exact three-dimensional shapes of your teeth and face. This digital way of seeing things helps us make your new smile with great care.

  • Smile simulation

Our expert dentists will utilise specific software to make a digital model of your planned smile improvement. You can see what the outcome might look like and give your opinions.

  • Treatment planning 

Following the smile design you have agreed upon, our group will create a precise plan for treatment that suits your particular requirements. It might include processes such as veneers, crowns, braces or altering the shape of your gums.

  • Bring your dream smile into reality. 

We will make your dream smile a reality with precise cosmetic dental treatments. Our focus on the small things guarantees a smooth change to your new, attractive smile.

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1. Is digital smile design painful?


Digital smile design is a planning method that is not invasive and does not cause pain. However, some dental treatments for beauty after this can cause small discomfort for a short time. We can control this discomfort with the right use of numbing medicines and painkillers when necessary.


2. How long does a digital smile design makeover take?


How long it takes to finish a digital smile design depends on how complex the case is and what treatments you need. Usually, this whole thing might take from some weeks up to many months. Our dentists will provide you with a detailed timeline during your consultation.


3. Will my new smile look natural?


Digital smile design has a big benefit because it can make smiles that look real and match your face very well. Our dentists know how to make pretty smiles that still look natural, so you keep what makes you special and attractive.


4. Is digital smile design expensive?


Digital Smile Design treatments might seem expensive, but paying for them is justified by the significant improvement they bring to your smile. At AO Dentistry, we have various payment plans that can help you afford these life-enhancing dental services. In our meeting, we will give you a precise calculation of the costs and talk about ways to pay that suit your financial situation.

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